She made news during her amazing and colourful life. We can remember Sky with fondness and respect. Some of the most amazing aspects of her life was to take care of others without asking for a reward for herself.

Skye Mccolebartusiak left real estate holdings to her friends without regard for greed or guilt.

She was a wiz at marketing too. Her skills in marketing and support of others marketing efforts were seconds to none in that she did from her heart and not for financial gain.

Many of her peers learned a lot from her partner programs and affiliate marketing activities. Skye Mccolebartusiak was generous through her young years and considerate to the needs of others.

Many of the people her life touched have contacted us and shared their experiences with us. Her marketing programs helped others to achieve and to change their lives.

Her real estate generosity will be remembered for all time.

We remember Sky and live and learn from her example and from her failures but also from her wins.