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Welcome to Skye Online, a fansite for 19 year old actress Skye McCole Bartusiak. Skye has been acting for most of her life, starring in popular movies such as "The Patriot" and "Boogeyman" as well as many independant films and TV shows. Here you will find the latest news, photos and anything else to do with Skye! Enjoy the site and come back soon. :)

"Sick Boy" Available for Pre-Order
14 October 2012 | Posted By Madison
Sick Boy has a DVD release date of October 23th, just in time for Halloween! You can currently pre-order it from Amazon, which will have the movie available from October 30th.
Happy 20th Birthday Skye!
28 September 2012 | Posted By Madison
Today Skye says goodbye to her teenage years as she turns 20 years old! We hope the year ahead brings you new opportunities and projects you can work on and enjoy, and that you have a fantastic day today.

Happy birthday Skye, from your fans at Skye Online!
New Movie "Twelve Hungry Men," "Sick Boy" Lobby Cards
29 June 2012 | Posted By Madison
Skye starred in a short film named Twelve Hungry Men which was shot by Victor DiGiovanni and Ivory Coast Productions. It was a part of The Houston 48 Hour Film Project and was given an Honorable Mention in the "Audience Award Winner: Group B" category.

If you're a fan of Sick Boy on Facebook, you may have seen the lobby cards (an old form of film advertising) they shared. Skye is featured in three of the eight, you can check them out here or on Facebook.
New Headshot and Fan Mail Address
29 March 2012 | Posted By Madison
Skye's official website is back online and has been given a revamp. With the changes comes a new headshot and fan mail address. Skye Online has been updated with the new contact details, which you can find here.

"Love Comes Softly" Promotional Stills, Rehearsing a "Runaway Home" Scene Screen Captures
02 February 2012 | Posted By Madison
The latest additions to the gallery include three HQ promotional stills from the movie Love Comes Softly, and screen captures of Skye rehearsing a scene for Runaway Home. Check them out below!
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